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We know you’ve heard it before. You might have spent a lot on a supposed solution. Any workflow solution needs to be customized and tailored to your publishing program and needs. Our experience is what makes us different from other book packagers. We cut our teeth on the hardest books (bibles, dictionaries and encyclopedias) in nascent database publishing, and then applied this experience to our work with other publishers, honing our process, staying ahead of the curve as publishing evolved. Today we can offer a complete workflow system that’s efficient without sacrificing design or craft for any publisher large, medium, small, or nano.

Maintaining cost, speed and quality, without sacrificing one for the other, is hard to achieve. We show you how to optimize what you already do to get where you need to go. Word is the word. Or AsciiDOC, or Markdown, or DocBook can be the word. Quill and ink may take a little time, but we will figure it out. We give you the power?control of your content?and partner with you to get the most out of what you already have.

Do you have an InDesign file that needs to become a clean Word file? Do you have a production file that needs to become HTML? Do you get nervous when someone starts speaking in XML? Never fear.

The advantage of our system on the front end is scalable, reliable output to any file format on the backend. Your InDesign file becomes an accessible ePub3-compliant ebook and an XML archive (that you might not even know you need). Your InDesign file becomes a clean, accurately styled Word file reflecting all changes made during production. We can magically transform files from one format to another faster than you can say Type-O-Rama!