Happenstance Workflow

Why we work the way we do and why you'll
want to work the way we do, too.

Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Style Sheets

Don’t reinvent the wheel with every title. If the Head 1 in your romance novel uses Edwardian Script and the Head 1 in your technical trade uses Myriad Pro, they are both still a Head 1. In the Word* manuscript, they are styled the same. It’s that simple.

We provide you with a robust, flexible Word template utilizing clear, descriptive style names. Sophisticated enough to accommodate cookbooks, travel journals, teacher’s manuals and certification books, the template we provide is also practical enough to style your potboiler and roman à clef.

There’s no platform to manage and no additional software to buy. Our agents work with you to analyze and adapt what you already do to what you need to make your publishing goals a reality.

So how does all of this work? You give us a consistently styled Word document, we run it through our system, and you get everything detailed in the image to the right. Print? Of course. Epub? You got it. Backed out text, an XML ­archive or HTML ready to be deployed? Done, done, and done.

* Ok, ok, there are alternatives to Word and we are happy to accept those formats as well.