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We knew within five minutes of our first meeting with Happenstance that they were the right fit for us. After two failed attempts and a lot of frustration trying to find a company to help us with our design and production workflow and epub conversions, we were relieved and excited to finally find people who understand what we do as well as our needs and how to address them. The two previous companies we worked with had ridiculously complicated and time-consuming tasks and systems we needed to learn in order for their processes to work, but with Happenstance everything was on our level and made sense from the start. There were no proprietary systems to purchase and learn; we could just use the programs and basic workflow we were using already. It’s so nice and refreshing to work with people who know books and who understand our limitations as a small company with limited tech resources (we don’t have in-house developers, etc.). Having our interior design and production workflow go through just one outside company (rather than a number of different freelancers) has made everything easier and more efficient for us. The crew at Happenstance is amazing and truly enjoyable to work with—not only are they responsive, knowledgeable, creative, and incredible problem solvers, but they’re also just great people. They told us from the start that they wanted to create a partnership and that’s exactly how it feels. I would highly recommend Happenstance to other publishers!

Emily Boyd
Managing Editor
North Atlantic Books