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I’ve had the great good fortune for more than a decade to have been able to draw on the services of Maureen Forys and the team at Happenstance while working for various publishing houses. Whenever I needed an extra channel for editorial, design, and production services, I could turn the work over to Happenstance and know that it would be produced professionally, efficiently, and on time. They are willing and able to take on virtually anything—whether it’s illustration, developmental editing, prototyping new series designs, or producing ebooks and online content for digital services. Best of all, they are full-service partners—and I emphasize the word partners—who care about the product they are delivering and work with you to achieve the best possible result. As editor, and now publisher, for Make: books at Maker Media, I have been able to work with Happenstance to create fresh looking new books that are designed to appeal to young people and parents, and not just to technical readers. They are my preferred go-to team now for just about every new project.

Roger Stewart