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We love books. We are book nerds. In fact, we are award-winning book nerds. We have designed books that have won James Beard awards and appeared on the New York Times best seller list. So much so that many of our agents hand bind books just for the hell of it and can actually lock up a text block of hot metal type. We know that We live, eat and breathe books. We know books. No, we mean we really know books. Signatures, white space, margins, head space, leading, font choice, serifs or not, history of our favorite typographers, horsey avoidance,

We know that 10 point type on 13 point leading is bad for an illustrated kids story book but is great for a compact, authoritative medical journal. Whimsical ligatures add charm to a pastry cookbook, while a technology book declares its sincerity with sturdy sans serif headings. The pages of a trade paperback are airy, and easy to devour on a commuter train, while a teachers manual is packed with useful tidbits in sidebars, and colorful hints to keep the students attention from wandering.

We know that Helvetica, while fantastic, is not the only sans serif font in the world (and Helvetica Neue doesn’t count) and that Times New Roman is best left on the front page.