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  1. Case Study: 67-65-83-84
  2. Operation: CAST Professional Publishing
  3. Objective: Help an established nonprofit develop a publishing wing
  4. Mission: Maximize accessibility using custom workflow

While undercover in a bookstore, David Gordon untangled the cipher of a copyright page and reached out for help. Already a leader in Universal Design for Learning, CAST was looking to launch its own publishing imprint to inform and inspire educators. Happenstance arranged a meeting in a public place where the heads of these powerful agencies formed an alliance. After establishing production processes, scheduling protocols, branding, and templates, Happenstance deployed their XML workflow. Encoded into every print project, XML layers—like invisible ink—carry metadata vital to accessibility for eReaders. Over a decade later, this powerful partnership continues to prove that if you want to go far, go together.

“Happenstance team members are mentors to us as well as partners.
We know they are committed to us, and that they care about our work.”
—David Gordon, Chief Content Officer and Managing Director,
CAST Professional Publishing