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North Atlantic Books

  1. Case Study: 8080∞888//8
  2. Operation: North Atlantic Books
  3. Objective: Rescue and Exfiltrate from Scribe
  4. Mission: Liberate from dehumanizing proprietary platforms

Ensnared in the rats' nest of proprietary platform purgatory, North Atlantic Books picked up the big red phone and sent out an SOS. After an extensive debrief, Happenstance agents liberated their team from the morass of subscription services and inflexible platforms. Our agents helped establish a safe haven in which North Atlantic was free to publish their books without being tied to proprietary technology. Using off-the-shelf software, Happenstance built bespoke Word and scalable InDesign templates, with flexible ebook architecture, that meets the needs of any design.

“The crew at Happenstance is amazing and truly enjoyable to work with… they told us from the start that they wanted to create a partnership and that's exactly how it feels.”
—Emily Boyd, Managing Editor, North Atlantic Books