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Your content should be king, not the court jester. Your digital products need not look completely foreign to the pdf sent out for conversion. Our process provides accuracy and quick delivery from your original content files. From a myriad of input formats, we can deliver ePub3, Mobi, HTML, XML, and any other digital product that might be invented.

The complaint we hear most often about ebook conversions is that they come back from conversion looking terrible, often riddled with mistakes and not reflecting the printed product. Having coded ebooks since before the Kindle launched, we’ve seen enough to know why and how to avoid the ugly pitfalls. We know what works, but more importantly what won’t. Our agents are committed to honoring your investment in design into your book’s digital evolution.

Whether it’s a custom CSS or one CSS to rule them all, fixed or reflowable layout, fun fonts or no fonts at all, your agent will deliver an ebook that reflects the latest ebook specs and the most current accessibility standards.