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What some might call layout, we call composition (but only because nobody knows what typesetting means anymore). We use picas and points, know our verso from our recto, and can recognize a hair space from a thin space at 20 paces. If you ask for print-ready, 4-color files, you will get print-ready, 4-color files. We don’t like stacks unless they are pancakes or rivers unless we are rafting down them. Our compassion for widows and orphans ends when we open a book.

We combine traditional production practices with cutting-edge mark-up, programming and automation. Our efficient import system allows us all the time we need to make your book beautiful.

Our agents are experienced. You won’t have to explain what a separation or a signature is or the difference between a spot color and a process color. We are the publishing problem pros. Just ask our clients (no, please really, just ask them): we have seen it all, we have fixed it all, we have set it all. And we will never outsource or move your job offshore.