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Agent 012: Craig Johnson

Agent 012: Craig Johnson
Codename: Geri Neato
Master of: Glyph glibness, automation, and time fu (maximum work in minimum time)
Licensed to: Unleash lethal combinations of dashes, fonts, galleys and regexes that won’t be rejected
Can boast: He was once described as a Renaissance man back when he was merely a boy

Agent 012 has earned his black belt by wowing clients for nearly 30 years. Wielding a razor sharp keyboard since the days when typesetting meant rotating film masters and RC paper, he spent his formative freelance years working in several San Francisco typesetting shops. He kerns with conscience and respects a design’s integrity above all. Key to his sang-froid is staying attuned to multiple modes of technology. He remains a longtime consultant on everything from automating publishing workflows to localization engineering. However, his first love remains building books and tweaking the process by leavening with enough automation so that there really is time to sweat the typographic details.