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Agent 004: Jeff Lytle

Agent 004: Jeff Lytle
Codename: Optimus Entify
Master of: Book production, XML conversion, web design & coding, the Flying Presto-Chango, and the Magic Electro-Cadabra
Licensed to: Shape shift from print compositor to code compiler to poetry composer to dog-butt scratcher and back again
Can boast: Is machine. Machines do not boast.

Agent 004 has worked in web and print publishing for decades, from copyediting and compositing national magazines and journals, to coding websites for organizations large and small. After 8 years battling in New York City, the machine-turned-man absconded to a quiet lair in Portland, OR, where he cultivated his inner hippie, learned to relax and broadened his beer horizons.

But a machine at rest is just a chunk of lead, so he packed up his techno-luggage and moved to sunny San Diego, where there’s less chance of rust. From his new HQ, Agent 007 seeks the seamless conversion from print to web—a bright future where books are both paper and pixels, and an android can dream in both code and verse.

Beneath his metal armor beats the heart of a poet, having earned his B.A. in English at the University of Redlands, and his M.F.A. in Poetry from UC Irvine.