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Agent 012: Rebecca Rider (she/her)
Codename: Tamer of Dragons
Master of: Editorial services and project management while juggling flaming torches without chipping a nail
Licensed to: Whip manuscripts into shape, tame schedules into submission, and make your budgets love it
Can boast: That in her spare time she is compiling a list of corrections to the Chicago Manual of Style

Agent 012 has been beguiling the publishing world for 20 years, working for publishers from around the world. Beneath her cool exterior lurks the fierce Tamer of Dragons who manages multiple projects simultaneously like the multiheaded dragon she keeps as a pet. Coordinating varied missions without a hitch, she speaks in soothing dragon tongue to project managers, authors, designers, and proofreaders ensuring that schedules are always met. Enemy agents marvel at her inscrutable ability to handle complicated projects under tight deadlines, not only producing the treasured goods when needed but exceeding all expectations in quality and clarity.