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Agent 013: Richard Sheppard

Agent 013: Richard Sheppard (he/him)
Codename: Phidias
Master of: Illustration, fine art, painting, and etching
Licensed to: Transform random pieces into masterpieces
Can boast: That he turned a pile of rocks into the Parthenon

Agent 013 has over 15 centuries of experience illustrating everything from books (and their covers), theater posters, brochures and package designs, specializing in technical illustrations for Team Type-O-Rama. In addition to illustration work, Agent 013 also excels at fine art, spending time as a watercolorist and as an etcher. His art can be seen in galleries and art festivals around the San Francisco bay area and beyond.

Knowing the value of a classical education, Agent 013 holds a B.F.A. in Illustration and Animation from the Academy of Art College, a B.A. in Painting and Drawing from Arizona State University and has studied 3D and 2D animation, traditional etching, and figure drawing at Santa Rosa Community College.

Obsessively exploring the golden ratio in his sketchbook, Agent 013 can often be found in the far reaches of the world drawing and painting.